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developmentally delayed, low muscle tone 5 year old

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Posted Oct 24, 2013 at 10:29:44 AM
Subject: developmentally delayed, low muscle tone 5 year old

I hope I have come to the right place:) I am sitting here crying because everytime we go to see a dev. specialist he says, "your son is not a clear cut case". I cry boecause it took me 2 years to get him to hold his pencil correctly. The developmental dr. keeps saying he has low muscle tone and this is why he was slow to walk, talk, etc. He also has sensory issues, loves clothes tight, only likes to wear rain boots, in the summer he loves hoodies in winter he runs around only underwear. When he looks at pictures, he tilts his hear to the left. While working with an OT it take him quite a while to focus, one eye seems to take londer to focus. Also, he is only able to tell colors by matching them to like colors. He is only doing 2 step directions. His name is Gabriel, but he write Gilil:( He has an IEP but it seems to be like no one knows how to "handle" his learning. He is espected to do everything that the normal class does. He does know his alphabet by rote memory (singing the ABC song). As far as letter identification, no success. He is espected to know sight words, count by 2,5,and 10 to 100. Count by 1-100. AHHHHHHHHHH! frustrated Mommy:(

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