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IEP adaptation of using backpack

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Posted Nov 27, 2013 at 3:12:40 PM
Subject: IEP adaptation of using backpack

My child is having trouble staying organized but isn't allowed to carry a back-pack around the school with this new principal. Last years principal made an exception for her, and we didn't have these problems.

At her IEP meeting can I insist it goes in as an something she needs, then the school will have to let her have a backpack?

The principal says that she has to keep the rules the same for everyone. If that were true then my child wouldn't be getting the help she needs in other areas.

What do you think?

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Posted:Nov 28, 2013 5:48:58 AM

Hi Heart4orphans and welcome to the forum,

Perhaps you could take a different approach at the IEP meeting? Where you begin with a discussion of her organizational difficulties, and then what support the school can provide?
With organizing difficulties, a student will often arrive in class without all of the materials, books and homework that is needed for the class.
Which can make it difficult to participate in the lesson. They are also often marked down for not handing in homework, that they have done?
But they also often don't bring home what is needed to do their homework?
So that the question to pose at the IEP meeting, is what is the best solution to make sure that she has everything that she needs for each lesson?
Where the most practical solution, is to have all of her books, materials, etc for a days lessons. All together, so that nothing can be forgotten or left behind.
Also everything gets brought home at the end of the day.
So that you bring them to the conclusion that something is needed to put her materials, books, etc in?
Where a backpack provides the solution.

Though their is an alternative, where the school provides your daughter with a laptop. So that everything is stored on the laptop instead.
Where the principal might prefer making an accommodation for a backpack, than providing a laptop?
A backpack could really be seen as a physical accommodation.
So that perhaps you could begin by insisting that they address her organizational difficulties?
Where they might then recommend using a backpack?

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