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alternative education for high school

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Posted Feb 02, 2014 at 6:50:47 PM
Subject: alternative education for high school

I recently gave up on my school district. My son will be 22 in September and he is spinning his wheels. I cannot get an IEP to meet his needs. I gave up and realize he needs a different placement. I took a bold step and pulled him out of high school enrolling him in college. It is frustrating, but I am getting more supports for him in college than I ever could have got in our school district. He is attending classes, working with teachers, has appropriate behaviors, etc. He could not last 20 minutes in the school system classrooms. Of course, I could not get them to address his needs. He has anxiety, which they put in as his strength. It has been a battle for four years, but pulling him out has been the best thing I could have ever done. Question, is there any way to get funding to help with college, since he does not have his high school diploma? I am using his credits towards his home school high school diploma, but the cost of college is high. any ideas?

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