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Dyslexia remediation curriculum - help!!!

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Posted Feb 12, 2014 at 11:37:56 AM
Subject: Dyslexia remediation curriculum - help!!!

My son has been doing BLS (basic language skills) an orton-gillingham approach since second grade and is not progressing through the curriculum very quickly. He's still in the first of three books. Does anyone know what a reasonable time frame for a child to complete this program should look like?

My son is in third grade, dyslexic/dysgraphic and has the associated issues (poor focus, poor working memory and slow processing).

I'm wondering if we need to take a hit on all the work we've already done and switch him to a different program....

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Posted:Mar 05, 2014 4:25:46 PM

Where is your child getting help, though the school or private tutor? How many times per week and what is the duration of the session. Is he receiving one-on-one instruction; or is it being provided in a group setting?

When I Googled the program, here is what I found that is was developed by Dr. Susan Carreker at Nehaus. Here is information on the program: http://www.hsutx.edu/offices/literacy-learning/basic-language-skills

I could not find what the recommended optimum protocols are for implementation of the program.

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