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District changes mind after IEP

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Posted Apr 15, 2014 at 9:05:54 AM
Subject: District changes mind after IEP

We recently had our IEP. For summer services the district agreed to a 7 week private placement. They did not present their program and dismissed it as inappropriate.
When we received the IEP the summer program we agreed on was gone and replaced with their program.
I partially rejected the IEP and requested a meeting to discuss.
How can they make a unilateral decision after the meeting to change something they - and the entire team - had agreed to?

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Posted:Apr 16, 2014 5:49:05 AM

Hi MAMom,
To modify or amend an IEP. Their a legally required process.
Where firstly they need to provide the parent with 'Prior Written Notice'.
To make changes to the IEP, without convening a new IEP meeting with the parent.
They are first required to gain consent from the parent. Only then, they can make the changes without meeting with the parent.

The laws are designed to prevent making 'unilateral decisions'.
Here's a link to an article on IEPs from the US Dept Education.
Where the sections C-8 to C-10 are the relevant ones.
The whole document can be printed out, to show the school.

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