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Not diagnosed with CAPD, but...

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Posted Jun 19, 2014 at 12:56:44 PM
Subject: Not diagnosed with CAPD, but...

I wasnt diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder, but Im pretty sure I have it. It is very difficult for me to live day to day to be honest with you. My symptoms include the following: not knowing where certain noises are coming from, difficulty hearing what's being said when background noise is present (it's even difficult for me to read lips) and very difficult at times talking on the phone (the pitch, quality and tone have to be just right for me to be able to hear), poor memory and decision making skills, not being able to understand abstract information, confusing similar sounding words, difficulty following conversations (feeling like I need some ample time for my brain to catch up with their speech, if someone is talking about several topics at one after the other instead of talking about the same topic I get lost), and last but not least, I have a very difficult time crossing a busy intersection, because of the stimulus (turners, stop lights, etc, I dont know if this is a part of my CAPD or not. If someone could help me figure it out, thatd be great. Also, any and all suggestions in how to manage my life would be great, what strategies or coping mechanisms would be helpful. Thank you all.

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