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Disappearing numbers

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Posted Jun 20, 2014 at 9:38:05 AM
Subject: Disappearing numbers

Ok, first let me say I apologize in advance for how strange this question is. I'm just trying to understand and find a similar mind, and thus far I've failed with both.

A little bit of background first. When I first got into an educational setting, it was a private school. The teachers noticed some oddities with the way I was learning. They told my mother "she learns by osmosis" and allowed me to do whatever was comfortable for me during school hours because I learned what they were teaching no matter what I was occupied with. As a grown woman, I just learned something that blew my mind. I assumed everyone's thought process was in photos/videos because that is all I think in, but apparently I'm in the minority with that. Took me 30 years, because it's not something you'd generally question.

Now.. with photo-driven thought in mind, I had a question about numbers. Its the only "photo" my brain won't commit to memory if in mathematical form. I see, know, and understand individual numerals, but the moment its put into an equation, the numbers disappear. And I get confused for a moment before I snap back to rational thought. It's very difficult to explain.

I was curious if anyone who thinks in pictures has this happen? Its a lifelong thing for me, and frustrating during school because I'd know the answer if asked outright but was at a total loss to explain how I got there.

I'd love to know why.


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Posted:Jun 21, 2014 10:07:04 AM

Hi Nytes and welcome to the forum,
While you say that the numbers disappear, at the moment that they are put into equation.
I get the idea that you are still able to work out the answer?
As you wrote that you would 'know the answer if asked outright, but at a total loss to explain how you got there.'
So that I would like to clarify, that it's not that you can't work out the equation?
But rather that process that you use to work it out, is confusing?
Where rather than the 'numbers disappearing'?
They could be transferred to your 'short term memory'.
Though as you just learned that most other people don't think in photos/videos?
You might appreciate how Verbal thinkers need an explanation, as they don't understand how Visual thinkers understand and think in a way, that they can't see?

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