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Irlen Syndrome

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Irlen Syndrome

Hello, Everyone!I am newly trained to screen individuals for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome(Irlen Syndrome) in northwest Florida. SSS is a visual processing problem that is often masked by similar symptoms for learning disabilities, dyslexia, and add/adhd. A unique characteristic is a sensitivity to flourescent lighting, which can cause distortions on a printed page. Among the distortions documented are blurred print, "rivers" made from the white part of the paper, and letters "dancing" or reversing on a printed page. Complaints also include tired, strained eyes; burning, dry, or fatigued eyes; headache after reading; and a host of other similar complaints.Helen Irlen has invented coloured overlays and filters which may be worn as glasses or contacts. In many cases, virtually all symptoms are corrected, and some individuals need to continue remedial work,I personally wear my filters as glasses, and have marvelled at how much better I can see the world.I am seeking to hear from others who may have used or are familiar with the Irlen filters for the purpose of seeking grant funding. Please respond. Thanks!

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