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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: 100 % FREE...JOIN NOW

PASSWORD>aaHJSNwIrMQPQDo you use credit cards? Do you have a computer/internet access? Are you interested in making money without investing any of your own money now or ever? Join now...Today. What harm can it do? You'd be all set, even if you didn't want to be active now. It'll be there for you to fall back on when you're ready. You just never know what's down the road these days. You may be rich today, broke tomorrow and giving away free major credit cards is soooooooooo easy. We have an associate member who has 36,790 associates joined under him now, and still counting. For real! Offer this program to everyone you know and meet from your site from all over the world. You're pretty much in this line of business now, right? Credit cards are definitely the American way, today. This new company never figured this many people would be signing up this quick, and now they're working their tails-off giving away free credit cards and paying people a ton of money to refer their friends. A program for you to make money on line and this isn't very hard at all! This new company is going international and growing fast and spreading like wildfire on the internet and they are passing out millions of dollars for referring something that's free. People really love this program. Spreads like the flu. It's like having the flu and sneezing in a restaurant. Everyone goes home with what you had without you having to convince them to take it. In other words, it is soooooo compelling, people sign up without having to be pitched. While this company sure wishes the cards were already being issued, and everywhere else for that matter, they are approaching it as a "pre-launch" and encouraging people to "get in line" now and use this time to create the potential for the largest initial commission check they have ever seen, so everyone's first check will be huge!!! They are telling people right up front that this program hasn't closed a deal with a bank and aren't issuing cards yet, but they are negotiating for the best benefits and rates possible for us. We meet and bump into people all day long who use credit cards and would love to be able to create an international business that would pay for their tax-deductible vacations..... So, when they go back home, they can start referring their friends and contacts. Once you've establish a down line, things will happen while spending time with your family, or sleeping. I have to tell you, first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to wake up to see your down line profiting for you as you still refer people continuously. It's easy money. It's legitimate and no one will ever be mislead or surprised in the end asking you for money. Please keep in mind as you read this ... No money out of your pocketbook...EVER! IMAGINE! All your referrals joining free under you getting a credit card ( at your site) and you make $10 off of each card. I can't wait to see how much faster it will grow once we actually have the cards and checks. This new company gives you opportunity, and provides great tools. Remember! This program with the money you receive, is being provided from the banks, (because you are valuable to them,) instead of the money from your upline's commission, coming out of your pocket. Now you gotta love that! Now! Let's make money giving away free credit cards!The Credit Card Referral ProgramWe've all heard that nothing worthwhile is free. If it's of value, somebody has to pay for it. Not so! Make $10 for every credit card you give away with a free money making program! A new company is giving away free credit cards, and you could make money helping them! A program for you to make money online! They're giving away a FREE credit card with: No application fee! No annual fee! Free flight miles on ANY airline, and merchandise points! A 25-day grace period for those who like to pay off their cards every month!A new smart company launching a program to generate the largest number of credit card holders in the world, and they're giving away a lot of money to accomplish that. Make $10 Every Time You Refer Someone! What's in it for YOU? They're paying $10 commission for referring people, and then $2 when those people refer others ($2 for you and $10 for your referrer), and $2 when they refer people, etc.…$2 all the way through 10 levels deep. The multiplication can make that hundreds of thousands of dollars very fast. This is something that everyone already understands, they don't charge a thing for it…and still pay out very large commissions. Some people will become very rich from this. You may sign up for the Credit Card Referral Program in your company name, but you must apply for the credit card in your personal name. There is a place on the application form where you can enter your corporate or company information. Charity can also participate in this program. They have a link "Make A Difference" program you may click onto, to review the ways charities and nonprofit organizations can participate. There is NO LIMIT to the credit cards you can give away! Therefore: There is NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can make!HOW THIS WORKS:When you join the program you will get a website with your own referral code right in the address (URL), so when you refer someone, you'll be sure to get credit! When you apply for the free credit card and program you will see a confirmation with my referral ID and my name sponsoring you. The same setup can be yours as soon as you apply! (Your Referral ID=your name.) Then you tell or advertise for people to get their free major credit card at your site, and every time someone gets a card (at your site), YOU MAKE $10! See! This is a very easy way to make money!No sign up fee No affiliate fee FREE MONEY MAKING PROGRAMThis new program is a HUGE money maker! A free credit card is a HOT marketing item! This program is going International! Think of the income potential! In the near future, this program will prove even more profitable. Our company is negotiating with hundreds of merchants to pay us a small commission when our cardholders make a purchase. Yes! A true Credit Card that is MLM! This thing is growing fast… Check it out. Please take a look at the package of features of these FREE cards, then you'll see how you can make some serious money.Please! Absolutely no spamming! You may not send this program with Company name or URL web address in any form to people you do not know, or people who do not know you. Violating this policy will result in termination of your account, as this company regretfully already had to do. They absolutely must protect the integrity of this program and their certification ratings which prohibit spamming. You may advertise without having to get permission first. However, you cannot make any claims that they do not make on their website. You may not make income potential claims, and you must include the fact that you are an "Independent Associate" after your name or contact information. You may ask your self....."How long does it take to see if your application is approved"? In the early stages of this program, they will spend a greater deal of monitoring effort as they process the applications to their banking partners. They will electronically batch them to the banks and review their decisions. The issuing bank will notify you and you will also receive the decision in the physical mail, along with the issuing bank's specific terms and conditions. In the very near future, they hope to provide approval within a few minutes of when the application is submitted. Please be prepared for delays during the first month as they will aggregate the power of the number of applications to get better rates and benefits for you. You may also ask your self ... "Do I actually give away the Credit Cards"? All you are really doing is referring your friends and others to the website. So you don't actually handle the card yourself. You may also (still) refer people even if you are denied a credit card. This program will do everything they can to help you get approved at a later date, perhaps even a secured debit card. If you have no computer of your own you can still join and be in their system and receive commissions as an "Associate". Who ever you refer and they have no computer you can put it in for them, although, having a computer makes it much easier on one's self. In this program you do not have to purchase a starter kit or inventory anything (absolutely nothing!) While many MLM programs require you to invest in a garage full of merchandise, we don't have anything to send to you! Here, you can view a list of the links to this website:Members only Current News Associate Spotlight Introduction Compensation Plan Commission Calculator Future Benefits Join Now! U.S. Application International Registration Under 18 Registration Non-Profit Registration FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)Referral Strategies harity OptionsMake a DifferenceProgramTerms and Conditions About our programProcessing the World'sEconomyNetwork Brokerage Press Room Executive Bios Advisory Board Contact Us TranslationHave your own business cards (PRINTED). Set a goal to pass out 5 to 10 per day. Enthusiastically, That's the key. People have to sense that if they don't act, they will be missing out on something and someone else will get the gold. Go to any restaurant, go to senior citizens who would like to supplement their retirement, go to College kids who would like to have more money for little extra things in life, go to stay home Moms who would like to be able to add to the family earnings without having to go out to work so they can stay home andraise their children. Just get started to achieve success. If people had their life to live over, what would they do differently? People always seem to say they would have taken more risk! They realize that by not taking more risk they never had the chance to have great reward. With this company there is everything to gain and nothing to lose! Look at some of these millionaire's. Not all were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They were like you and me. Just barely making ends meat, living week by week. For the rest of your life you can have a great life style. The greatest risk would be if you did not go for it. Jump in now and take action! You will be successful! Just one more thing before closing............Please e-mail me for my referral ID link to join freeI wish you all that join this magnificant program lots of wealth and happiness.

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