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Re:Orlando, FL MSSL/Orton trained tutor wanted

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re:Orlando, FL MSSL/Orton trained tutor wanted

We are looking for a teacher trained in MSSL/Orton-Gillingham or one of it's offshoots (Wilson, Slingerland, etc.) to work with our 12 y/o homeschooled, LD and Language disabled child in the Orlando, Florida area. We seek someone who can provide a full curriculum, 8am to 12noon, 5 days a week for the upcoming school year 2001/02 (she attends a private school in the afternoon for enrichment and socialization). It's a unique opportunity to combine academics with language skills, organizational skills, critical thinking, writing, etc., all rolled into one! She is a great kid and we would support you 101%!!!Our current tutor is unable to continue next year and we want to stick with what has been very successful for us. We are willing to pay a competitive salary and would even reimburse moving expenses if someone WONDERFUL would consider moving on down (we're 30 min. from the ocean and 30 min. north of Disney World/Universal).Please pass this info to anyone you might know!Thank you.Carol Selassie Longwood, FL

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