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Second Language Learners with LD

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Posted Feb 15, 2002 at 4:37:39 PM
Subject: Second Language Learners with LD


I'm currently working on a Master's degree thesis project related to the identification of SLD in children that are also Limited English Proficient. Is anyone aware of resources related to this topic? A model or procedure that is usually followed? Teachers in my district are seeking something that will help us rule out the second language issues when the student has not tested proficient in the English language on a standardized test such as the LAS.

Thank you!!!

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Posted:Feb 18, 2002 1:16:48 PM

We have an English as a Second Language department in our school (ESL).We work closely with them to provide specific classes and mutual support for the student. The ESL department does a language survey on the student. We, as sped teachers, are concerned that we are trying to teach children that only hear English in school. At home, the only language these students here is the native language. How can we teach when they do not or can not thing is our language environment? I would like to keep up with your topic.

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Posted:Feb 18, 2002 3:18:10 PM

Kids with LD's are a special issue.

For other ESL kids, let's get real -- how do you think 90% of our own grandmothers and grandfathers learned English? If you take the negative view that you can't teach and that your students are hopeless, well yes, the students won't learn.

If you take the positive view that you are here to teach and they are here to learn, that they are capable of learning, and that you had better be capable of teaching or else you should leave this job, then almost all ESL students will become fluent in English in a surprisingly short time. Primary kids will be coping well within a year, upper elementary kids in two years, and the educationally motivated high schoolers in two to three years. This has been done successfully for centuries -- what's your own family background? -- and if it isn't happening at your school, you need to look at your programs and the underlying messages of failure that are sometimes sent.

For kids with LD's of course things may be harder, so that 10% or so of the population will indeed need some extra support. The question of this thread was how to imdentify and help them, and that is a difficult question.

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Posted:Feb 25, 2002 5:23:09 PM


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