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Posted Jun 08, 2002 at 4:29:35 PM
Subject: fundraising programs

I would like to ask anyone what fundraising activates they are doing that works well with their schools? Not just a one time fundraising activity but one that creates monthly income. I have and idea but would like some feedback if possible.

I am currently getting ready to speak with my son’s school about sending teachers to Dr. Mel Levine's Schools Attuned. Any advice on that would be welcome too.

I am starting an Internet Service to help provide monthly income to the school, in hope of sending teachers to Dr. Mel Levine's School Attuned Program. All they are required to do is send home a solicitation for service informing families that they can support the school by doing something they are most likely already doing, such as paying somebody a monthly fee for internet access. I in turn give them a set amount of money per user per month for as long as that person stays with my service.

Two concerns:
I do not want this money to be used for nicer ‘gifts’ for teaching staff and volunteers at the school. This would mean possibly asking access to their books, this takes for granted it’ll run through the PTO as donations a non-profit.

How open charter schools (Edison to be specific) is to going a step further to help educate not only special needs but also the general population of the school.

I am trying to get this started locally but if you think this may be something your school is looking for please contact me.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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Posted:Jun 13, 2002 6:08:17 PM

This sounds like a neat idea. If you've got any friends who are accountants it would probably be a good idea to have their help getting this set up.

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