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breakthrough in radical experiment

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Posted Jul 08, 2002 at 12:01:30 PM
Subject: breakthrough in radical experiment

Have been reading a newspaper from the UK and a senior psychologist at Durham County Council has been involved in a experiment with a total of 120 students. Her theory is that LD could be caused by their diet. She has put half of those children on a mix of fish oil, plant extracts, vit A and evening primrose the other half recieved a placebos. This is to replace vitlal nutritional elements missing from every day diet helps to boost concetration, leading to better work , more self esteem and improved behavior. The children who recieved the mixure ,there was great improvement in their conctration and improved their handwriting. Dr. Portwood said that is a major landmark study which could make a real difference. The sighs are very encouraging. I was wondering what everyone thought of this theory and if they would be will to try it?

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Posted:Aug 28, 2002 10:25:01 PM

I am a 56 year old with dylexia, can a diet help me?

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