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True Assessments

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Posted Aug 07, 2002 at 2:31:22 PM
Subject: True Assessments

I am sick of hearing stories from everyone I know about getting shafted by various service industries, from home repairs and maintenance, to auto mechanics.

I would like to create a place people could visit online to give them valid true assessments without having to spend the time in having 3-4 different companies come in for an estimate.

This idea is in the preliminary stages and I encourage any comments of suggestions as well as service industries that would like to be associated with a true assessment company to respond.

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Posted:Aug 11, 2002 10:53:46 AM

True assessments is a great idea. Back in the days when neighbors socialized more, it was easier to get a true assessment. Nowdays folks are more isolated. How would you control dishonesty?

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