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Posted Sep 30, 2002 at 6:49:47 PM
Subject: Learning Levels

I am a pre-service teacher seeking advice on how a classroom teacher can encourage and promote academic giftedness while teaching at a level with at level and LD students? As a future teacher, I am concerned that I won't meet the needs of my different learning level students.

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Posted:Oct 25, 2002 7:39:41 AM

Given the politics of today's special education my only advice is PRAY. It appears most of those preaching the mixing of all-potentials in a social studies class for example - do not know the chaos which will ensue. Children with IQ's in the 70's only become frustrated and even angered on let's say a fifth grade discussion on the economic causes of the American Revolution. Gifted students (LD included) become frustrated when day-in and day-out the discussions and lectures only deal with the obvious. In many classrooms, poor behavior make efficient grouping within the class difficult.

Note: Many (if not all) of the major theorists of multi-ability/potential groupings have had their children educated in private settings - thereby not suffering the consequences of their politics.

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