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I'm a Am. teacher in exile looking for job

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Posted Feb 15, 2003 at 9:27:46 AM
Subject: I'm a Am. teacher in exile looking for job

Hi, my name is john and i'm new to this board. I've been teaching for 18 yrs full time and 5 more as sub. BUT i'm hard core unemployable, blacklisted, and exiled to Taejeon, South Korea.

Why? Mainly, my last bosses were lesbians who hate all men and have based their lives on trying to destroy male teachers' careers. I've complained to the President, EEOC, OCR, state governor, state dept ed, press, state legislators, and US Senator but so far to no avail.

I'm almost certified in NM, passed the EXCET exam in Texas to teach autistics, but can't get a job because of the references from my last bosses. They gave me a negative on all but one category based on nothing.

BTW, i'm also ld: ADD, OCD, AS.

I hope i can be of some service to some of you on the board.

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