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Advice needed - purchase mini-trampoline for Propreoceptive

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Posted Feb 16, 2003 at 2:54:45 PM
Subject: Advice needed - purchase mini-trampoline for Propreoceptive

Does anyone know of a source where we can purchase a mini-trampoline with a bar above it which would be suitable for our 4 year old son with autism? He needs the propreoceptive input from bouncing, and will use the bar to hold on to and to swing from. He's 50lbs and growing. We borrowed one that was not new, but it seems these are not made any more? We need to purchase by March 25, 2003; we are in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Thanks, Anne & Ian

Please cc: email to imothers@cranberrycommons.ca

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Posted:Feb 16, 2003 6:55:58 PM


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Try Abilitations web site - www.abilitations.com 1-800-850-8602. They have trampolines and a multitude of sensory (space friendly) equipment.

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