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Author has book dealing with abuse

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Posted Apr 07, 2003 at 9:53:55 AM
Subject: Author has book dealing with abuse

Momma, Please Forgive Me!
By Toi Moore

A fictional drama that depicts the length of what a woman will do to
keep her children safe.

"Leave it up to Toi L. Moore to keep it real on love, relationships, and accomplishments. She's a dynamic and delightful writer, as well as a hell of a woman!"
Vivica A. Fox/ Actress

"Toi, has clearly given to the world a beautiful and frightening example of what a Mother passes on to her daughter, love, patience and all forms of emotional coding."
James and Debbie Ingram / Entertainer

Author, Toi Moore has OFFICIALLY release her action-packed novel; Momma, Please Forgive Me! Advanced orders are NOW available. The author has several bylines with major national magazines, such as Billboard and Upscale to name a few. She has covered stories for celebrities like: Vivica A. Fox, James Ingram, Patrice Rushen, Laila Ali, Sugar Shane Mosely, and Boney James to name a small few. She is now ready to show the world a more serious side of her writing by focusing on a critical subject such as domestic violence. She knows this subject very well because she grew up in a family that was plagued with the horror of domestic violence and abuse. The author is also available for speaking engagements to discuss her book and her personal story. She wants to encourage people to not be subjected to any type of violence. Due to the serious nature of her subject, Toi will donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations that protect and assist victims from this serious abuse. Along with this blockbusting story, the novel also includes help hotlines and statistics for readers who are in need.

Abuse, destruction, compassion, love, trust and death all equal up to a spellbinding formula that takes place in the novel; Momma, Please Forgive Me. This formula adds up to everything a reader will need in order to fill them with great compassion and emotion. This formula will have them crying, praying, forgiving and giving thanks to God. This fictional story describes how a mother went to great lengths to save herself and her children at the cost of murder!

For more information regarding interviews and bookings, contact her assistant: June Blake at: TMPublications1@aol.com. You can also visit the author's web site at: www.toimoore.com Order your copies today! Retail prices are $13.95 each plus tax for California residents. Wholesale prices are available on paid orders of 6 or more. Our mailing address is: TM Publications, P.O. Box 443, Colton, CA 92324.

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