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Writing Reverals of numbers/letters

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Writing Reverals of numbers/letters

I frequently have teachers ask me when do I think student's writing reversals (of numbers and letters) is no longer developmental and possibly a sign of something more serious. I usually comment that past first grade, I would have some reason for concern. For students performing close to grade level, what suggestions do you give to teachers who want to help students who reverse letters and numbers in their daily work?

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Posted:Mar 16, 2001 5:11:00 PM

I taught second grade for many years and found that reversals in most cases disappear by the end of that year. Using cursive will usually take care of that problem. If they are still making reversals with numbers, I would make sure they have a model on their desk to use. The alphabet strips are helpful.

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