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Posted Aug 21, 2001 at 6:17:37 PM
Subject: Neuronet

Has anyone out there tried Neuronet? I am considering it.
My 6 year old daughter has capd as well as some motor skill
issues. She mostly has problems with fine motor but these are getting
much better due to OT. She can tie her shoes, button tiny buttons, etc.
but her handwriting is not all that great.
Would love to hear from anyone who has been through this therapy.

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Posted:Aug 22, 2001 1:35:31 AM

If you check on some of the other boards -- I think Teaching, Reading and maybe Homeschooling -- you will find a few recent posts about NeuroNet. Beth's son is about 3/4'ths of the way through the program and she has seen very good results. It sounds highly suitable for your daughter, considering her age and problems. Have you visited the website? Lots of good information there. http://www.neuroacoustics.com


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Posted:Apr 25, 2012 3:19:08 PM

The NeuroNet website is now: www.neuronetlearning.com

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Posted:Oct 25, 2012 1:33:33 AM

Hi Stephanie my name is Sharon and i also have a duaghter with similar issues although she never been tested as they don't do that in the uk we just deal with it as it costs money to diagnose but she never had ot for fine motor skill problems, i too had them, and still do can't do small buttons left them open when they were babies or got someone else to do them still struggle with some zips etc that is just me and oh yes i am clumsy too trip over anything misjudge all the time how i haven't had crashes in car which is weird i will never know so my kids are bound to have difficulties if i do we are all very artistic possibly point towards dyslexia but i also have processing difficulties took me years to realise thought i was just stupid but i have learnt to live with it, i love to make people laugh even if it is at me mishearing things and saying unusual things back with people faces looking puzzled lol i think sometimes would it have helped me to get tested but i have grown up quite strong willed, confident, i now know yes i have difficulties but that is me, i am hoping all my kids do the same :) xxx

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