Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

Central Auditory Processing

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Posted:Mar 15, 2009 3:06:52 AM

well I don't live in the states but up in canada. I have a daughter who is struggles with severe dyslexia, ADD, Speech and Language issues and Auditory Processing Disorder. I am waiting for extensive testing to be done for her through her school. Then off to Calgary Children's hospital for more testing. I have been advicating for my little girl since she was 2 and not talking. she is now 11 and is still clearly not understood by others. Her learning level is about gr2. I'm am so blessed to have her in a wonderful school who fight hard with school board and government to get these children IPP (IEP) and funding. The only problems is that we have a coding system that is failing the special needs. Coding catergorizes special needs students and does not look at their individual needs. We are working hard to change that. I would love to talk with any other parent that share simular challenges with their children. Being able to share different ways to teach and understand our children is so important. I believe I learn better from other parents then teachers. As we know our children better then anyone. Thanks Carolyn

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Posted:Mar 17, 2009 8:13:42 AM

CAPD refers to auditory processing. Usually, the response to questions needs extra time, extra time on tests, or directions need to be repeated. If your child doesn't qualify for an IEP, she can qualify for a 504 plan. She can be placed in an intergrated classroom (regular classroom with special education students) with a teacher and 1 assistant. She can be pulled out for speech therapy and resource room for math or reading.

From my understanding of CAPD, it is a secondary diagnosis. It is not a primary diagnosis. So, you are still looking for something more global regarding an LD. Is it necessary for him to be classified at this time as apecial education or can other accomodations be made on a 504 plan? Discuss more with the Child Study Team or the INR&S staff at school. Let us know how things go.
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Posted:May 12, 2009 10:28:23 AM

Hope you have found enough help.

Our son qualifies for help at school under the Federal IDEA act, was tested through Child Find and found to be behind in speech (a delay recognized by the IDEA act)

As I understand it, the delay must directly impact their education. For example, being hearing impaired does not affect their education, but having a delay in speech does.

Once excepted, they can receive other services needed, like Physical therapy or more speech therapy visits to address CAPD.

Mother of 3 L.D.'s

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