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effective classroom feedback?

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Posted Feb 16, 2002 at 9:07:50 AM
Subject: effective classroom feedback?

I am a teacher of students with emotional disturbance and learning disabilities. I am also a graduate student in special education. I am doing research on feedback in the classroom.
As parents of children with learning disabilities, I feel you have a distinct perspective that I need to learn more about. I would welcome any responses to the following questions:

What kinds of feedback have you seen in your child's classroom?
How effective were they, and how did they affect your child?
What would you like to see?

Answers to any or all of these questions would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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Posted:Feb 16, 2002 2:35:19 PM

>>What kinds of feedback have you seen in your child's classroom?
How effective were they, and how did they affect your child?
What would you like to see?<<

It all depends on the individual teacher.

Email is a wonderful tool and I use it often to communicate
to my son's Social Studies teacher as this is his hardest

I am the one to initiate the email but his teacher is good
about getting back to me. We throw around ideas to
try, she lets me know what she feels she can to and cannot
do - then we contact the sped teacher and tell her
what we have planned.

I find that many reg. ed teachers seem overwhelmed with
some of the things that need to be done. They mean well
but it seems week after week I have to remind them to
follow up. Something has got to change.

Case in point - my dyslexic son will write down the spelling
words off the board and jumble them so that I can't read them
when he gets home. I asked the teachers to check the words
and 75% of the time they come home still jumbled. I jumped
on the computer, sent them the jumbled words and asked
for translation.

Well and good, but it meant that every Monday I *had* to be
home the minute my son got home so I could get to the computer,.
email the words and hope the teacher was still in the classroom.
If not, then we would not have that night to study. Also tried
getting the words on a Friday, same merry-go-round. I tried
gentle pre-reminders, but we were still at about a 25% of
the teachers following thru (classroom with two teachers
sharing the job).

So my Fridays and Mondays were restricted as to what I could
do on that afternoon. After I started working I turned down
jobs depending on the spelling list. So it was having a financial

This year I said NO SPELLING and that works *much* better.

Also never, ever, ever let a student teacher handle anything having
to do with a sp-ed student without 100% regular teacher oversight.
Been burned a couple of times and will never let that happen again.

Another thing I never let happen is wait for the sp-ed department to
pass on anything to the reg. ed teacher. I schedule meetings with the
regular teachers at the beginning of school and any class change and
tell them about my son and how he works and how we support him
at home.

I know that the sp-ed teachers and regular teachers are good people,
my regular ed kids went through the same school - but SE does
not have anywhere close to the funding it needs.
And until somebody puts the money where the mouth is SE is just
spinning its wheels and kids will continue to fail and fall through the

So what would I like to see ---- $$$$$$$$ and lots of it for salaries,
many more positions, lots and lots of aides, MORE individualized
attention and an espresso machine in every teacher's lounge and fresh
flowers every week. ;-)


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Posted:Feb 18, 2002 1:50:06 PM

Feedback is teacher specific. Each and everyone has a different way of handling it .I have been told by some they don't have the time to write or call ( I then would just wait outside the school till they walked the class out to the bus and talk as they walked ..) others were great and responded to every note with a jot oor a call whatever was warrented . Some I had to call in the resource room teacher for meetings to talk to the reg ed teacher. What makes me crazy is when you schedule a meeting in the beginning of theyear to go over what worked in the past and what didn't and you work out a plan and then they don't follow through on the plan . ( like making sure the homework is copied or the books are packed or the directions are legible.) If its too much just send a weekly syllabus for homework home just as a backup. I now don't do the homework thats not clear or is left out. If its a mistake I will try to do a make-up but if its like the page was not copied or copied incorrectly ..I just don't do it.. because they promised a classroom aide or someone would be checking her hmwk agenda for accuracy and that is why they didn't want to give me a weekly plan ( which is what worked last year ). I would also appreciate some feedback that tells me where she falls within the class so I know how much help to ask for at committee . But I don't appreciate when she gets 10 out of 13 math problems right and the teacher writes a big" C "on the top of the page .

feedback as far as my daughter is concerned .. she didn't respond too well to her resource room teacher who was very sweet and soft because my daughter felt she was being babied. But she also doesn't respond well if her teacher is not flexible ( ie needs extra time to complete a test or have the directions read to her or allow that she does not want ot read out loud in the class )

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