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Therapies for NLD-thanks

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Posted Feb 16, 2002 at 9:58:57 PM
Subject: Therapies for NLD-thanks

Thanks for all the advise for some therapies to help. I'm going to order the V&V next week. I'm still planning on doing the FFW this summer - hopefully that will help with the CAPD and receptive language issues.

If anyone else know of therapies to help an NLD child please post. I try to check the boards at least once a week. I need all the advice I can get!!!

Thanks again.

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Posted:Feb 17, 2002 5:24:50 PM


That sounds great! I thought of you as I've been reading a new book out on APD this weekend. The book is written for the non-audiology person to have an understanding of APD, it's implications, and management/therapy. In this book, the author profiles many different cases, and one of them is a NVLD child! It actually talks about the difference between APD in the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. This was new information to me. I thought it really might be interesting for you, since there is not a lot out there that addresses that. The book is called, "When the Brain Can't Hear" by Teri James Bellis (who is a leading expert in APD). I bought my copy for a great price at www.half.com (Strand Books) for $12.50 plus $2.50 shipping (retail $25) and it is brand new, not used.

My child is APD, also (which I probably told you before) and we are pursuing FFW this summer and plan to do V/V next school year. Hopefully, these things will help both of our children!


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