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update on friend's child

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Posted Feb 17, 2002 at 4:45:44 AM
Subject: update on friend's child

I wrote earlier about my friend's child who I suspect could be bipolar, has had many difficulties with behavior in school and out. He is currently in a school for behavior disturbed and has been suspended from it several times this year, the most recent has been in the past week. He is only 6, has assaulted the teacher several times, this time the police were called in. He wasn't charged this time but the mom was told that even at 6, if they were called again, they would charge him. Mom was told to find her son a different doctor and get him proper help and that she needed to take the behavior seriously. Well, my understanding is that her doc referred her to another doc who could better treat the child. I hope so. The funny thing is the mom is adamant that she doesn't want her child 'doped' up on ritalin 'he needs to learn to be a part of society', but she is 'all for' any other med that could possibly be prescribed. Adhd had been discussed when the child was around 3. Hopefully this incident will push the parents into realizing that something really is amiss and those issues will be addressed.

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Posted:Feb 17, 2002 7:53:31 PM

If he's bipolar, and not ADHD, then Ritalin would not be recommended anyway (tho' you probably know that already). Wonder if somehow she's been influenced by some of the press Ritalin has gotten (and the folks who preach that it's basically cocaine and that sort of thing), not realizing that were those same zealots as focused on other meds, they would have a field day.

GLad to hear there's a better doc involved who can maybe educate the mom. Sounds like a very tough situation for all concerned.

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