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follow up to fighting city hall

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Posted Feb 18, 2002 at 9:19:15 PM
Subject: follow up to fighting city hall

First of all ty you all for your comments and sugestions. It felt so good to no that ya'll understand my concerns.
Second, I had the meeting with the principal and this is how it went... basicily it's too late again this year to help my son. He informed me that things get done through channels, and my son's iep should be handling these issuses. He also thinks my son is tellin us a story about the neck crabing thang becuz, he no's the asst. principal better than that! He also informed me that the police can ask for my sons personal information any time they want too by law and that they told him I knew he wuz being questioned.
Thirdly theres a new development my son is making his self physically sick to keep from attending school and getting to leave school. He went today for an upper GI becuz his doctor was concerned, seems there really is something wrong with his stomach. The sadest thang is the prinicapl told me unless my son has a physcial condition, if he missed anymore school i would be arrested. He has only missed 12 days to date.
In closing I called my states advate and she gave me addresses and numbers to call to get the ball a rollin, I hope this does us some good. I do have one more question for ya'll, Is'nt his mental problems a disability too? I thought Bi-Polar fell under this as well as his LD.?

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