Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

Does your school have good LD program?

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Posted Mar 02, 2002 at 6:00:31 PM
Subject: Does your school have good LD program?

I am preparing information to give to my private school's Board of Trustees. I would like to know of any private schools (college preparatory) that have a good program for dealing with learning differences. I need to show them models from other schools that are truly helping these kids. Do they have someone on staff specifically hired to run the resource program? How does it work? I also wanted know if anyone remembers an article I read recently on Diversity. It was about a high school teacher who read novels with his students and how much he respected their differences. Now I cannot find it! Thanks.

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Posted:Mar 02, 2002 7:39:15 PM

You could look into the Winston School in Del Mar, CA. There are bound to be many more, others will advise.

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