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Posted Mar 09, 2002 at 2:36:00 PM
Subject: motivating message

Just a possible note of interest. These guys are doing their thing in East San Diego this weekend, and I was curious enough to check out their web site. Upon reading more about Mike Hagen, found his personal history to be of interest (second paragraph below).

Found at site www.strengthteam.com

As one of the most noted school assemblies in the country, the Mike Hagen Strength Team is sure to impact the schools of your community. Again, the team uses the feats of strength in the assembly to "grab the attention" of the students. Then the team delivers a highly challenging and motivating message (no religious content). The team brings a message that helps students resist peer pressure that could lead them into situations such as alcoholism, drug-abuse, pre-marital sex, and suicide. ON the positive side, the students will be challenged to reach for their dreams and goals and give their best effort in the area of their education.

Mike has spoken in over 1,500 school assemblies. Mike shares his personal story of how a drunk driver killed his father when he was 7 years old. When Mike was 9 years old, doctors told him that he had developed the condition of dyslexia and that he may not graduate High School. He was also told that he would have sever coordination problems and that it would be difficult to play sports. Students identify with Mike and are inspired by his story of perseverance as life presented him many difficult challenges.

Many Principals, Teachers, and Students have commented about the program being so positive and motivating. Although the Team is a group of world-class athletes, the message is not a sports centered message, but a self-esteem building, inspirational message. Mike Hagen Strength Team invites the students in every assembly to come out to the night program at the church (or venue being used). It is very typical to see students from the assemblies make up 1/3 of the night programs attendance.

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