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Posted Apr 14, 2002 at 5:07:17 PM
Subject: Finding a tutor


My son is in 4th grade in a private school in Philadelphia. He reads at grade level or above but can't spell or punctuate. His handwriting is slow and shaky. It looks like he can decode well but can't encode language. The school is sympathetic but unable to help. Clearly, his problems are not as severe as many I have read about in this forum, but he appears to be falling into the crack between surviving in a regular school and attending a special ed. school.

I'm looking for a tutor for him. Can anybody recommend a particular system (Orton/Wilson/whatever) that might suit him, or a good web resource where I could learn more about the different systems? From what I've read, most systems concentrate on teaching reading, but this isn't a problem. Also, what is the typical cost of a tutor? The only one I have approached so far quoted $57 for each hourly session (including transport).

Mike Tordoff, Philadelphia, PA

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