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Asperger's Syndrome and disability

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Posted Apr 16, 2002 at 8:15:40 PM
Subject: Asperger's Syndrome and disability

I know that Asperger's Syndrome is listed in the DM-IV, but is it classifed as a limitation under Social Security? My 13 year old daughter has AS. She is very high functioning, but has very poor social skills. I would not want her to miss out if she needed it later. We have very limited income. Has someone else gone through this for AS? I know how the process itself goes.

Thank you.

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Posted:Apr 16, 2002 9:58:33 PM

My good friend is starting this process with her
20 year old son. She also has a 13 year old. son
with AS.

She didn't realize that this was an option until
just recently.
Call your local social security office and ask
what you need to do to find out about benefits
for your child.

If her eldest son is accepted they will help pay
for his *keep* so to speak, which is about $500
a month and to age 25 and then I think he has to
be approved again.

good luck!

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