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family counseling at school expense?

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Posted Apr 20, 2002 at 10:50:21 AM
Subject: family counseling at school expense?

Our son has been suicidal, thanks to the stress of school, so we are requesting many evaluations and more services and accomodations than he is getting. Our daughter has been affected by all this, including by things that affect her ability to participate in and do well in school. I am overwhelmed by what has happened, besides struggling to get services, just the constant worry about him. We have eased the school stresses tremendously (mostly by keeping him away from school as much as possible). I was under the impression that a family was eligible to receive counseling at the district's expense in this type of situation, but cannot actually find it in the law. I am in the middle of typing up an assessment request, as well as heading into an IEP.
Is there anything like this available to families?
Thanks, Karen

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Posted:Apr 20, 2002 5:05:57 PM

This would be a related service as part of an IEP. You would need to hold an IEP meeting with the school,request this services as part of his IEP and the team would decide as a team whether or not to provide this. The team consists of you also,you are an equal member of this team.You sell it to the others they most definitely can provide it at their expense.

§300.24 Related services.

(a) General. As used in this part, the term related services means transportation and such developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education, and includes speech-language pathology and audiology services, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, recreation, including therapeutic recreation, early identification and assessment of disabilities in children, counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling, orientation and mobility services, and medical services for diagnostic or evaluation purposes. The term also includes school health services, social work services in schools, and parent counseling and training.

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