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How long in special ed?

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Posted Apr 22, 2002 at 6:57:47 PM
Subject: How long in special ed?

Hi all,

I really want my daughter to go to private school but we cannot afford to pay for all the special ed she is going to need. If she has a speech problem how long will she need to stay in public school?

Our public school is #1 in the 4 county's around our area but she will not get the bible classes that are offered at private school..I have NO experience in this so I'm just wondering what other's has experienced.

I have also seem the Special Ed program that the private school offers and has not helped one child who's parents have paid for the program.


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Posted:Apr 22, 2002 9:49:22 PM

You just can't predict.
It all depends on the individual child.

If the public school does a better job, then
send her there.
She can get religious training in Sunday School
and at home.

But she needs to be with a trained professional
for speech.

One thing they do in our state (WA) is that kids
from private schools can come to the public school
for speech, OT and other therapy. They leave
their private school and have to come to the public
school campus one, two times a week.

Of course this varies from state to state.
Your best bet is to call the Special Services dept.
of your local school district and ask them what
your options are.


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Posted:Apr 23, 2002 2:13:42 AM

It used to be that way in CA also. But not anymore. Last year they passed a law that if the child did not attend public school you need to provide your own special ed. My neice has apd and has been going to the totures..She is going to be 11 in July and is reading at a 2nd grade level. She is in 4th grade almost 5th.......So we will go with public school since I haven't heard the tuturing works yet...

Thanks for the response

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Posted:Apr 23, 2002 9:27:32 AM

Does she just need speech for articulation problems? If so, these are fairly easily remedied. My son's almost impossible to understand speech was vastly improved by end of K and normal by end of first grade. On the other hand, he is still in speech therapy and will be for the foreseeable future. He has auditory processing issues which are much more difficult to resolve. Also, speech and language problems are often red flags for language based learning disabilities, as is the case for my son.

In our district as well you can bring a child to speech at the public school from a private one. Our other two kids attend a paroachial school. We have kept our middle child in public because he also has language based learning disabilities which require specialized teaching not provided at the parochial school. Also, in our case, the parochial school is much more demanding academically than the public school which is not a good thing for my son who struggles in school.


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