Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD


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Posted Apr 23, 2002 at 12:30:13 PM
Subject: help!!!

I am a an education major writing a paper for my special needs class. if anyone has a few minutes to help my out and answer a few questions it would be greatly appreciated.
1.Age of child with disability
2 grade in school
3. diagnosis
4. your relationship to the child
5. who referred the child for special education evaluation
6. an explanation of the reason why and when the child was referred and was there any documnetation of pre-referral interventions? ifso, what were they?)
7. what parent did the parent play in the evaluation process?
8. the results of the evaluation and TEAM meeting(included diagnosis of special educational need, program implementation)
9. parents' reflection on entire process(pleased with result, feel comfortable and confident throughout the process/)

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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