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Posted Oct 06, 2018 at 2:48:05 PM
Subject: College choice - Landmark, Beacon, Other

My son is 21 and has a diagnosis of LD, ADD and Dyslexia. By the end of this year (December 2019) he will have earned two certificates from Texas State Technical College, in the computer maintenance technology field. We are looking for a college that he can transfer to starting January, 2019...one that will cater to his learning differences. (He is very bright, but struggles with English and Math so his TSI scores have been very low.).

We are looking for the best colleges that:
1. Will cater to his individual learning style.
2. Focuses on a student's social needs so he can make some "real" friends. (He is shy and needs an education in social skills as much as academics.).
3. Hopefully does not require SAT or ACT tests.

We live in Texas but we're open to out-of-state schools also?

Do any of you have feedback about Landmark College, Beacon College, Texas Tech Univ (CASE Program), or others? My husband wants to try out the CASE program since it's has an Autism Research Center and we think our son may be on the spectrum (last thorough eval was 9 years ago but never an ASD diagnosis).

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