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Online Tutoring Can Help Your Homeschooling!!!

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Online Tutoring Can Help Your Homeschooling!!!

I have been an educator within regular and special education for more than 25 years in a large urban school system. I am also a parent of two college age children. I have seen first hand their trials and tribulations of dealing with difficulties in school. I have witnessed what it can do to their self-esteem and self worth. Through talking with others I found professionals that gave them effective strategies and help, but that was not easy! For the past 6 of my 25 years, I've been involved with diagnostic work for grades K-8, so I am very familiar with assessment tools, testing procedures and learning difficulties. I've met MANY parents,( many like myself) who are so frustrated with their child's lack of progress in school. Teachers are often overwhelmed with large numbers and little time to offer additional attention and lessons needed to reinforce skills. I am offering an on-line tutoring service to help children with their specific skill weaknesses, geared for their grade level. I also want to empower parents to teach their children, so they may experience the success of education! Children love to learn with their computer. Lets make their learning fun! Please visit my web site at www.Pleasetutorme.com, So we can discuss your child and the success WE can make possible. www.Pleasetutorme.com

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