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Tutor -- MD/DC area -- email help

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Tutor -- MD/DC area -- email help

Hello friends. I hope it isn't considered out of line to advertise on this board; saw a few other people, so it seems to be accepted. If not, my apologies.******************************************Experienced tutor, working in this field since 1984. Worked with students from above-average to severe LD. Fully qualified, MA Education, BSC, BA Honours Math; Teaching certificates******************************************Basic reading, ages 4 and up-- experience and past success, gifted and LD Printing and handwritingHigh school algebra and geometry, to homeschoolers *only*(have given up wasting my effort being undercut by the schools) College/University math -- pre-calculus, calculus for sciences,advanced cal, theoretical geometry, abstract algebra-- for advanced homeschool/high school, *or* college studentsEnglish as a Second Language French Language (home is in Quebec)*********************************************Genuine one-to-one tutoring Genuine individual programs Proven successful methods Simple, reasonable-cost materials***********************************Present location is in Greenbelt, Maryland, about 10 miles north of DC, on Beltway. Students come to my home office one to three times weekly, to keep costs down (Travel triples my time and prices, sorry, not practical). Home continuation work to expand on tutoring available -- a cost and time reduction. Consultation on programs, materials, and methods readily available by telephone and email.************************************Please contact: victoriahal@aol.com

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