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Re: what is this.... desperate mom in serch of ans

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re: what is this.... desperate mom in serch of ans

: I have a very very bright 10 year old. We have had him tested for
: learning disabilities through his school and they came up with
: nothing ( in their report at least)did say exactley what his
: peoblem is. To me, for lack of a better term he has mental
: dixlexia. KNOWS the answers to problems, he just does not want to
: or cannot put those answers on paper. The tester was very
: impressed he gave her answers to very complicated math problems
: and didn't use pencil and paper. He has very few friends, and
: never plays with other children on the playground. He is active in
: sports, but does not do his best so he doesn't draw attention to
: himself. He fails subjects because he does not turn in his work (
: even completed work in his bookbag). His short term memory is
: terrable, but long term memory off the scales in his testing. He
: cannot remember to bring home a sheet of paper a week to get
: signed for his reading grade ( whichfor this 9 weeks was 44). The
: rest of his grades were very acceptable. He has so many of the
: "warning signs for LD" but so far the only one I can
: convince this may be the problem is me. He is like a manic
: depressent in his orderliness. He is immaculate with is body and
: clothes but very disorgonised in his room, locker, desk etc. The
: middle of his room may be spotless, but he sees no need to pick up
: around the walls. He says he has a problem with noises distracting
: him , but I have also noticed it is movement too. ie. someone
: could be moving feet in front of him and it captures his attention
: and then he doesn't finish his work, or forgets to finish it.
: Everyone it seems wants to lable him as "lazy" but that
: is unacceptable to me, if he were lazy it would present itself in
: more than one thing at a time. He has been on Welbutrin for his
: concentration and depression, but it realy did nothing. There is
: so much more, but hopefuly this gives someone with a child with
: the same problems enough info to contact me and give me some
: advice. PLEASE! My e-mail address is gregory_pam@hotmail.com.
: Thanks

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Posted:Mar 22, 2001 10:12:51 AM

In Atlanta we have The Marcus Center which is part of Emory University
..these schools usually can direct you to help. If not , find a developmental pediatrician who knows how to search out problems. I found one who specializes in autism since this range of behavior is so broad. If this doesn't help let me know because there are MANY resources. Sometimes you have to go to many outside MD's , Psychologist or Occupational Therapist until you find one who begins describing your child as you know them. I wrote a fairly long and detailed "Parents Observations" paper and presented it to a developmental pediatrician because there were SO MANY issues that did not make sense to anyone and isolated in themselves did not seem major but add them together and the picture began to unfold. Best Wishes, Sharon G.

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