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Posted Mar 20, 2001 at 4:04:05 PM
Subject: Resource Information Needed

I graduated in May with my undergraduate degree in elementary education. Currently, I am a second semester grad student with no "real" teaching experience (except during my internship). I'm compiling a resource notebook for first year teachers entitled: Resources for Including Students with Learning Disabilities in your Classroom. I want to include as many resources as possible. Please let me know of any resources such as books, websites, articles, strategies, organizations, suggestions, etc. that I can include in my notebook. Any help will be appreciated!!

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Posted:May 26, 2001 12:50:03 PM

I live in the United Kingdom and there is the British Dyslexic Association you can use the search engine "www.google.com" that will find it..... there is also an International Dyslexic Association. I am sure I have looked up the Dyslexic Research Organisation...... I am afraid most of my web sites are British obviuosly because they apply to me. The LD-Online Web site is very good.......good luck

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