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Posted Apr 02, 2001 at 4:08:03 AM
Subject: Autism

I am a teacher who has recently had a new student arrive. She has severe autistic spectrum disorder and I am at a loss to programme her with a meaningful activity. She has had very little programming in the past. We are concentrating on "toiletting" - she is 14 years old, and also on following basic instructions. But we would love some ideas for activities that are interesting and meaningful for the student and the very dedicated team of Teacher Aides. Despite observations at other schools etc I have been made aware yet again at how different the needs of all our "special needs students" are.


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Posted:Apr 12, 2001 8:36:29 AM
Subject:Re: Autism

You weren't specific about the capabilities of this student, but I do have some ideas for possible methods to work with this child. It will up to you to judge their merits or their feasibilities for your situation.
Music Therapy has been found to be an effective tool in getting through to children who are difficult to reach. If you do not have access to a Music Therapist, there are a series of CD's available that serve the same purpose. The series is called SAMONAS, an anacronym for "Spectral Activited Music of Optimal Natural Structure." This process builds on the knowledge of a Dr. A. Tomatis. Here is a source http://www.altonweb.com/cs/downsyndrome/samonas.html
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