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Social Skills and LD Individauls

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Posted Apr 15, 2001 at 1:55:14 PM
Subject: Social Skills and LD Individauls

Being part of groups for Ld Adults who do not do that much socailizing on their own is very important. Parents of children and teenagers with LD need to find support groups that meet the needs of their children and where they can be around other LD children. They also need to be around children who are on the same academic level as them who may have other disabilties as they will find that those people have the same concerns as them and may even wind up finding away to meet other people to be friendly with. If such a group does not exist for your high school student go to the local colleges, local independent living centers, and or local rehabilation facilities in your city and community until you find people who are willing to start such a support group and then once you find a place you as that parent contact the local high and ask to speak to the person in charge of support. special services adn 504 students and ask for a list of those parents and send notices telling them of what is starting for their teenage child.

I am a firm believer that when socailizing is difficult you need support groups and you also need to take part in other groups.

I am an adult with a learning disability and I am also an educator and advocate for other Ld adults. These past two years have been very difficult for me. Firstly I had been involed in a support group now on and off for about 6 years which i actually had an influence of starting a couple of years before i found out about however it no longer fit my needs. I want to move up the employment ladder as a special educator and needed to find a group that were on the same plateau as me in terms of employment and their lives and this Monday i will start to take part in a support group that does just and it is anew one to be formed which I am looling forward to. To go hand in hadn with that I will also be able to take a sabbatical to not just tkae an internship in specail edminsitration and supevisong but complete a degree between a masters and PHD in Adminoiostration and supervison. I am loioking forward to next year for all the new and old people i willbe around adn I am also looking forward to meeting new people during the other courses that i will be taking besaide my internship.

Parents you have the power you should be asking the PTA in your High school to set up PTA meetings where they invite the Directors of the Local Independent Living Centers and Directors of the closest rehabailtation facaility as wllas seeing if the colleges around you have program in rehabialtation services, counseling and special education and have these people come and listen to what yopu have to say and how they can aplly for grants to get support groups for chilren which can take place in a variety places as ther main meeting place but support is important. Anothre person to bring in to ge such a group started may be the director of the local college office for students with special needs but support is important and an area to make even one frend otu side of school if socializing is part of the problem is over looked. But while your child is in high school you can try to do some thing.

In college if you as a parents assit your child in finding the best college with the best support program both academically and socially emtionally then they can receive further helpo but then it is up to them.

Three books to read although they do not talk about support in what I am describing but they talk abotu anoterh support are the following:
Succeeding With LD by Jill Lauren, M.A.
Learning Disbailties and Life Stories by Pano Rodis, Andrewe Garrod, and mary Lynn Boscardin
The Pretenders: Gifted People who have Dififculty learning by Barbara P. Guyer, Ed.D.

Another book and i am going to end with this is called hanging on By a Twig: Understnading and Counseling Adults with LD and ADD this book also has several auto biegraphical memeiors and talks about the best type of theraphy and for you as parents it can help you to help you child find the correct type of theraphy before it is to late. You will see what i mean after you read this book.

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