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Your Child OR A Child You LOVE!

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Posted May 09, 2001 at 1:10:18 PM
Subject: Your Child OR A Child You LOVE!

My wife and I are Christian educators whose goal is to help children succeed in school. Whether you have a child or know that special child, we know that he/she is the most important and loved person in a parent's life. A child's success in school will promote a positive attitude and strong self-esteem for a lifetime.

We have developed a program through our research that will help your child succeed in school. We guarantee that our program will help your child become more organized, accountable and responsible and, YES, on a consistent basis! Our research proves that your children will improve their grades and their behavior when they use these suggested strategies! You will see results!

A child may forget what you say, a child may forget what you do, but a child will never ever forget the way you make him/her feel!

Visit our web site at: http://welovekids.50megs.com

You pay s&h only!


Donna and David Semenas


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