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Posted Jun 19, 2001 at 11:19:43 AM
Subject: Social Skills Training

To All Teachers;
I am a 7,8,9, grade behavior disorders teachers in a public school.
I am interesed in software programs for possible reinforcement that the student can work on the computer with. Has anyone ever used or seen such a program??
Thank you, LOIS

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Posted:Jul 02, 2001 1:26:12 PM


I have not yet used this, but I have ordered it to use this upcoming school year. Sopris West has a program called "Get 'Em on Task" It is a signaling program that you set the number of signals per hour. When it signals, you and athe class are reminded to make sure everyone in on task. You can then give points, tickets, or whatever your class reward is if all are on task.


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