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question about a 12 year old

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Posted Sep 25, 2001 at 7:21:01 AM
Subject: question about a 12 year old

I need some suggestions on help with a nephew who has a LD. He is not dyslexic but is CAPD and ADHD and has a great deal of trouble comprehending some subject matter. He has a very hard time making friends and is very shy and most kids don't understand it and take his personality the wrong way, he appears not to be interested in their friendship. When asked a question it takes longer than most to process. What suggestions can I give his mother, she would love for him to have a friend and has put him in many activities but understands why he doesn't after observing him. Any suggestions appreciated

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Posted:Sep 25, 2001 9:52:55 AM

I also have a son very recently identified as LD, ADD, and CAPD. He just started in third grade.

He has very few good friends, but I make a point of inviting ONE child over once a week after school, or after a sports activity on the weekend. And if he doesn't get along too well with one kid, we try a different one! My son doesn't do well in groups because he can't "hear" what is going on because of the CAPD. Plus his self esteeem is low for obvious reasons. But one on one he does pretty well.

My husband and I also organize an end of school cookout for my son's class every year, so the parents know us, and all the kids in his class know us and know our son. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. We did this for all our older kids because we want to know who they are going out with when they are teenagers!

Hope this helps,

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