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Change is status

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Posted Oct 12, 2001 at 11:10:21 AM
Subject: Change is status

I have a 9.6 year old son who is being re-evaluated for his PDD-NOS. At age 3 he scored as moderately Austic on the ABC, at age 4.6 he scored a 32, mildly Austic on the CARS. 3 of his teachers just completed the form for his re-eval and he scored from 22.5 (this person did not score 3 areas) to 26 (this person did not score 1 area). I am elated to see such progress but wonder if it could be in-experience on the teachers part filling out the form. It was the 1st time for each of them. He is currently being served under other health impaired on his IEP due to his dx of PDD-NOS. If this changes, what then? He also had IQ testing with a VIQ of 82, PIQ of 104, with a FSIQ of 92.

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