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What are the social skills needed to be successful in regula

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Posted Jun 12, 2002 at 12:55:57 PM
Subject: What are the social skills needed to be successful in regula

I am a teacher trying to compile a list of all the social skills that EH/ED students need to have in order to be successful in a regular education classroom. I am then trying to put together a semester or year's worth of lessons to teach my students those specific needed skills. I already have a list but sometimes others think of things I have not or have left of the list that are important.

I am looking forward to hearing from a few of you.



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Skill demands will vary by class and even by the activity schedule each class follows. For example, different social skills are involved during a cooperative art project than are those for attending a teacher-led group lesson. Variations of the social skills used for peer intearctions are required when interacting with adults. As such, I would suggest the following assessment approach to answer your question: follow a group of two socially-adept students in a class and describe what they do during each of several pivotal classroom activies such as group lesson, seat work, peer-cooperative work (academic and recreation), transitions in class and between rooms, lunch, and recess. Contrast your information with that gained from the same process on the students you have concerns over. The act of actively contrasting what your students and the two adept students should focus you on what to teach and the situations these new behaviors will have to be taught in.

Of course, you can also have teachers rate and prioritize important social skills from a published list. Here the Social Skills Rating Scale (Gresham and Elliot) or the social skills list from either the Skillstreaming Curriculum or the Boys Town Social Skills Curriculum will be helpful.


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