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Verbal self defense for ld kids

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Posted Jul 18, 2002 at 7:08:47 PM
Subject: Verbal self defense for ld kids

I thought I might offer some pointers on verbal self defense for LD kids to get them through the school years.

(1) When someone tries to make a fool of you, do not play that game. Example: Hey I heard you kissed Jennifer A. Response: Really ? Who is this person you refering to. She a former conquest of yours ??

(2) When they try to get you to commit a "dirty act" for them. You can do some things: (1) Email them for confirmation: "this is to follow up our conversation this P.M. You want me to commit ___-------- so you can watch someone else take the blame for an act you thought of". Otherwise, have a buddy listen in on your phone conversation etc. this is for documentation if they try to pin the blame on you later a record of your objections (diplomatically).

(3) If you are in a LD support group talk about some strategies amongst yourselves of dealing with "problemsome people".

(4) If someone tries to get you to do any dirty work for them just stop, think, and stall for time. "I gotta work out some details" first.

We need to stand up for ourselves against the folks who do us no good.

(4) If the person tries to befriend you first observe him for a few weeks,

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Posted:Jul 19, 2002 10:09:16 AM

Thanks Jorge! I feel this will be very helpful for my son. He suffered from bullying last year and we didn't find out until late in the year.
This is all new to me.

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