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Re: College's inability to provide any support or.

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re: College's inability to provide any support or.

: I'm in a difficult situation. it's a pretty long story, but
: basically, I have ADHD, amongst other LDs. They are all
: documented, were submitted in writing, along with letters (of
: advice, comments, etc.) written by both my then psychologist, and
: a psychologist who did the testing and coached. I was also asked
: to submit a letter of what accomadations I was requesting. that
: was two years ago! in the interim, I've been on leave on and off
: for the past year, having been stressed about situations regarding
: this, (the lack of support from the university, etc., housing
: issues on campus (required - even tho I had documentation to allow
: me to live off campus, .......) anyway, the point of this is, In a
: five minute period I could list off ten different examples of
: basic ADA "rights" or, clear cut, examples where my
: college has failed on completely unacceptable levels. On top of
: this, faculty are leaving at an alarming rate, however, by
: murphy's law (or some fated) whereas most students experience this
: once or twice within their academic career, mine is a continuous
: evaporation of support. (both advisors, deans, and professors),
: this becomes more of an issue as My college is run as a graduate
: school, where you need to work closely with your faculty, have a
: committee, etc. I can't afford to higher a lawyer on retainer, but
: I believe I have earned the right (and have most definetly paid
: both literally and mentally !!) for my degree. Can anyone offer
: any advice, guidance, legal aide, etc.? I'm at my wits end!: thanks, -terihi teri,i know what you are going through that happened to me at another school and ended up leaving the school because they would not offer me the support i needed. Like you i had all the stuff documented and all the things filled out that i needed to fill out. Recently i started back at another school and the support i am receiving here is much better. please write me back and let me know how you are doing i would like to keep in touch with you.tara

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