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Re: Time management in college

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re: Time management in college

: It can be hard to find enough time to get things done with your working, living in an apartment on your own, and going to college. It could be that at some point he'd consider cutting back his work hours or moving to a dorm or back home where he'd have fewer responsibilities. He could also consider taking a reduced course load. It's possible to only take one or two courses a semester.Until then, the only I could suggest is to do the homework the same night. I find with students of any age when a class does not meet every single day (and most college classes don't) that students come home and put off their homework as they tell themselves " I'll do it tomorrow."I counsel all students, do it that night, do it as soon after class as possible. That way if you find extra time is needed to complete an assignment, you'll have it.My son is currently a freshman in junior college. In addition to
: taking classes, he is working part-time and living with a friend
: off-campus. He has always had problems managing his time, but is
: really struggling now with all the extra responsibilities. He
: often misjudges the time he needs to allow himself to complete an
: assignment. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can share with
: him?

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