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Colleges in the West?

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Posted Apr 22, 2001 at 11:13:04 PM
Subject: Colleges in the West?

I'm hoping that someone may be familar with colleges located in the western states that have good LD support systems. I have reviewed many of the directories but I'm finding that it is difficult to narrow the group down to a managable list for visiting. Does anyone out there have direct knowledge of any schools/programs? I'm disappointed that the programs that I see most mentioned (in a variety of sources) seem to be in the eastern states.

I think the situation that will work best for our daughter will be a small, nurturing school. Sara is quite motivated but I expect that she will have difficulty with organizarion, writing, lengthy reading assignments, and math. She would like the continuity of attending a single school for 4 years (probably more) but we would certainly consider a 2 year program that would prepare her to transfer. Sara would prefer a residential college rather than a community college. We believe that the experience of living away from home will be good for her as well.

Thanks for any ideas you can pass along.

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Posted:Apr 26, 2001 9:02:37 AM

Have you thouht about the University of Denver? Excellent services .Another one is Regis College in Colorado. California has many that I am not as well aquianted with.
Try CAL State at Chico, Universtiy of San Francisco,
For more.. get the K and Y guide to Colelges for studnets with learning disabilites. Good luck!

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