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Another MCAT ?

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Posted Apr 27, 2001 at 5:56:18 PM
Subject: Another MCAT ?

Hi, I'm new to the board, and I have a question regarding the MCAT. I have severe depression and anxiety, and the University I am currently attending for post-bacc premedical courses allows me time & 1/2 in a stress free environment for my exams. I am supposed to take the MCAT in August, and I already sent in my form and money. I had decided to take the test without accomodations for two reasons: 1) I don't know if my problems qualify as a disability in the eyes of AMCAS, and 2) I was warned by the diasbilities specialist at my college that she has seen excellent students get rejected by one grad school after another for no other reason than what she saw as fear of taking on a potential liability (due to score flagging). Yesterday another one of the disabilities specialist told me that she thought the exams taken with accomodations were not to be flagged any longer.
My questions are as follows; 1) Is AMCAS still flagging scores for people who took the exam with accomodations? 2) would I even qualify for accomodations?
At my school the necessary documentation was a letter from my psychiatrist which informed the school that I have a difficult time concentrating and processing math/ science type information quickly. I haven't had a battery of tests to pinpoint my exact weaknesses. The extra time has been a godsend. I majored in the humanities when I got my BA, and time wasn't an issue for that sort of stuff for me, however I have found that I take longer than most when I have to do intensive problem solving or complicated mathematics. My grades are very high, and I have much experience in mental health so the MCAT would be the last piece of what I need for acceptance into medical school. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,

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Posted:Mar 11, 2002 12:14:41 AM

I don't know if you'll see this or not because you posted it almost a year ago. BUT... the MCAT, I think, is the only standardized test they are still flagging. I'm not too sure about the LSAT (for law school).

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