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Posted Oct 12, 2001 at 10:28:31 AM
Subject: Try Online Tutoring!

If your child is experiencing difficulty with any aubject in school, NOW is the time to act and get help!
You can get academic help for your child within your own home, with online tutoring.
Pleasetutorme is a subscription service that can help retain skills, strengthen weaker skills and introduce new skills.

All lessons are sent entirely through email and
written specifically for your childs academic needs
and ability level. Consultation with your childs teachers and school are always ongoing to insure good cohesion between tutor and school.

If your child is a special education student, Pleasetutorme can also provide consultation with parents regarding the writing of appropriate IEP goals, benchmarks, modifications. The IEP is a legal document and is THE driving force for an appropriate and meaningful education for your child. You are your childs best advocate!!

The Educational Director has over 20 years of teaching
experience within regular, inclusive and special
education classrooms as well as diagnostic testing.

Email tutor@pleasetutorme.com with your comments or
You will get a quick response from the Educational

www.pleasetutorme.com --------for further information.


We Care About Kids!

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Posted:Oct 30, 2001 10:11:54 PM

what is the cost of this service and what subject matters are tutored

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